IBE Illustration specialises in technical illustration offering a complete range of styles & approaches to meet all your requirements. There are many types of technical illustration and each one serves a different purpose, with one shared aim to communicate to a user the specific needs required by your brief. Whether you are creating an instruction manual for your new product, wish to present your products in a new way, need to illustrate a complex task or idea, or want to create a technical style graphic illustration, IBE Illustration can develop the ideal technical illustrations for you. IBE Illustration can create a specific new style of 2D or 3D illustration for your brand. Contact to discuss your specific technical illustration requirements and to arrange a detailed quotation.
IBE Illustration also provides an graphic illustration service utilising both technical illustration experience and established hand-drawing and sketching skills to offer a wide variety of illustration styles for your graphics needs. IBE Illustration can create illustrations for any platform you can imagine from brand identities or marketing campaigns, or printed or online media publications to postcards, postcards, or books and magazines. Bring your imagination to life with IBE Illustration, from exploring initial ideas to final illustration artwork for all your graphic needs. IBE Illustration's step by step process results in high quality illustrations unique to your project that can be used in as many platforms as your require. Get in touch with to learn more about the unlimited possibilities.
Hand-drawn illustrations give you the possibility to invest in a more human hand-crafted image of the highest quality, that will stand-out in the present digital environment. There are many reasons why clients may opt for a hand-drawn illustration, whether a business looking to highlight the characteristics of your brand, or a private customer looking to celebrate a favourite subject, or an author or publisher looking for the perfect images to bring your subject to life. Whatever the reason you are looking for a hand-drawn illustration, your passion for the particular delight of a beautifully drawn illustration is shared by IBE Illustration. If you wish to comission a hand-drawn illustration for yourself, a gift for a friend, or for your business contact to learn about the options available.
Looking to create a new logo design for your new start-up, sub-brand, or to re-think your existing company logo? In a world of bland logos created digitally by automated software, IBE Illustration's tailored logo design service is what you need to truly stand out from the crowd. With a comprehensive design process, experience in a wide range of business & design sectors, and a personal touch, IBE Illustration offers a logo design service for clients who are passionate about their business. IBE Illustration's step-by-step approach, from initial brief, through idea generation & concept presentation, to final design & artwork, keeps your company's mission at the heart of the logo design process. Contact to find out why IBE Illustration is more expensive than a robot, but much better value!
Complementing the tailored logo design service, IBE Illustration provides a complete brand identity service. The perfect logo is just the beginning of presenting your business to the world. Developing a well considered brand identity and implementing that brand identity is essential to ensuring your customers and potential market can see the passion, creativity, and commitment behind your business. For IBE Illustration brand identity design & development is about finding the ideal way to express what is unique about your company, and how best to communicate that message through every interaction with new and existing customers. Whether a start-up, or an established business, a strong brand identity is essential. Contact to explore how best to tell your company's story.
IBE Illustration is always looking to use the extensive experience and skills already gained to work in new areas. Long inspired by the wonders of space, physics, and all scientific endeavour it is a natural step therefore to provide new illustration service aimed to suit the space and scientific industries. Maybe you are scientist looking to illustrate your subject data, a new complex theory, or a new or existing experiment? Maybe you are a private space company or scientific organisation looking to illustrate your latest work? Or perhaps you are an educator or publisher in the space & scientific sector looking to illustrate complex subjects to a new audience? If so IBE Illustration would be delighted to hear from you. Contact to discuss your specific space and scientific illustration needs.


After graduating from University of Limerick/National College of Art & Design in 2000 Iosaf Bennis (BDes in Ind. Des) worked professionally in exhibition, retail, product, and furniture design. Iosaf established in 2009 with the aim to bring this unique multidisciplinary design experience to a diverse range of discerning private & commercial clients. Iosaf also has a wide variety of interests and inspirations from surfing to physics of space and everything in between. This unique blend of skills, experience, and interests help inform & invigorateevery project in new and unexpected ways. Contact to learn more or arrange a consultation. believes good design begins with you the client, and your creativity and ambition to realise a vision of what you seek to exist or 'be'. The primary role of as designer then is to recognise your creativity, understand your vision, and then use IBE design skills and experience to bring your project to it's maximum potential. Also seeks to ensure that every design created brings real intrinsic value to you the client, whether in your home, or your business, and to all who interact with it. aims to achieve the most economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable designs possible. Contact to learn more about design philosophy.
From researching & developing an existing brief or creating a new brief to on-site survey, through idea generation, concept sketching & development, detailed design drawings, and project implementation. The brief is the key to setting the unique limits for your project - a road-map to most creative & valuable design solution. The next research & initial survey stage provides the platform for exploring initial ideas in sketch format followed by distillation & presentation of the concepts. The most ideal concept is then developed further until ready for final sign-off. Implementation is then ready to begin. Contact for a quote for full design process or individual stages as suits your needs.
Learn about IBE Special personal interest design projects, including illustration project of E1027 House designed by pioneering Irish designer Eileen Gray. These projects stem from themes and subjects that have greatly inspired Check this space for latest news, details of past & present special projects by, plus new design products for sale in the online store including exclusive prints of illustrations.
IBE is currently developing new products for sale directly online, including exclusive prints and furniture range, which will be added to new store coming soon. Check this space for latest news, details of past & present special projects by, plus new design products for sale in the online store including exclusive prints of illustrations.Contact if you wish to comission a special illustration project or design project.
Updates on current projects and recently completed jobs and other IBE News can all be found in this section. Check this space for latest news, details of past & present special projects by, plus new design products for sale in the online store including exclusive prints of illustrations.Check back regularly or follow on twitter and other social media outlets.

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