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Crown Paints were looking for bespoke, innovative and userfriendly retail display solution for their colour mixing offering They would be pitching the most suitable concept to their outlet partners to achieve feature status within the stores The concept had to highlight Crown Paint brand values, meet partner outlets requirements,generate consumer activity and sales conversion. It was designed to be manufactured for an ultimate rollout to 300+ store across UK & IRL.

The ibe.ie proposal commissioned by Allied Retail put innovation at the core of our approach with emphasis on user friendly interactive solution for consumer. We designed unique flexible mechanisms for colour selection and matching. The display design integrated digital REAL-TIME EPOS Data System, maximised colour choice and display capacity. The concept also integrated the current Crown Paints Brand, and considered the logistics of installation from outlet perspective. In addition careful attention was paid to integrating sustainable materials, and user-recycling possibilities.

The proposal document graphic design and layout was created by Origin Design Associates. You can see the tender proposal cover in this website's proposals section .